All About Boston

Boston is one of the most storied cities in the USA.  It has so much culture, so much history, and so much to offer.

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The Downtown Boston Skyline.

The people of Boston are big time sports fans, cheering on their Red Sox, Patriots, and Boston Bruins (even since the days of Bobby Orr) like no other fan base.  Oh yes, and let’s not forget the storied Boston Celtic franchise!

Ahh, Beantown.  This blog will be all about the great city of Boston, Massachusetts.  If you’ve ever been to the area, you know the people are what really make Boston.  With an estimated 636,000, Boston is the largest city in the State.

Of course, we have the Boston Marathon, a great event (we’ll get past the 2013 tragedy – #bostonstrong), the Boston Baked Beans, and many other great things that make Boston, Boston.

I’m Tommy K, and I’ll be your personal tour guide and show you everything that makes this city so special.  My site is designed to give you an experience of the great city even if you’ve never been there.  While I can’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy every suggestion I make, well, they are just suggestions and should be considered those and not advice.  Do as you wish, I’m just trying to advertise my great city the best way humanly possible.

Some fun facts that I feel are worthy of a first page mention!

  • We had the first public school and the first subway system in the USA
  • We have one of the highest costs of living
  • We have many of the best Irish bars and are known for having many Irish – American people residing in the City.  Hence, the nickname “Boston Celtics.”
  • St Patricks Day in Boston – should I even go into the debauchery and trouble we cause when that day rolls around each year?

Fenway Park.  The Boston Tea Party.  The Boston Marathon.  We have it all, and I’m going to share it with you, little by little, on this very website.  Enjoy, and please leave comments in the appropriate section so I can continue to serve up stories that you want to hear about.

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Boston Travel Guide

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Boston, Massachusetts EP # 003 | Video Travel Guide.

Where to stay in Boston

10588361715 aa647a1e41 Where to stay in Boston My husband and I are planning a trip to Boston in June and want to know where the best are to stay in to be close to all the "see more" things. Is it better to stay n the downtown / waterfront? Also what is the best way to get to Fenway without a car? Also any other must see things please feel free to suggest. Thank you. After looking around, I learned – Boston is very compact and manageable. Anywhere in Boston proper is going to be very close to all things "must see". The closer to the downtown area of the hotel is more expensive though. One of the cheaper options right in the middle of Midtown Hotel Boston's Huntington Avenue right next to the Prudential Center. From there it is a 10 minute walk to Symphony Hall, 15-20 minutes walk from the Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, about 10 minutes from the Plaza Coply / Boston Public Library and less than 10 Newbury Street. Fenway Park from the city center, can certainly be done in an hour. But you can also get there by subway, known in Boston as the Milky T. T reach Fenway taking either the B, C, D or line of the green line. While the car is put together is not a mail train to be good. Then take the train to Kenmore and when to just walk down Commonwealth Avenue toward the giant Citgo sign and cross the bridge and there it is. If you end up staying in the center or the coast of the green line stops closest to you will be Park Street, Government Center or Haymarket. Make sure you are taking a train to Boston College (B), Cleveland Circle (C) or Riverside (D) and non Lechmere or North Station to get to Fenway. I do not know what you like, but most visitors to Boston hit Freedoom Camino is a red line on the floor that connects the main historical sites of Boston. It is an easy walk 2 1/2 mile starts at Boston Common and ends at the Bunker Hill in Charlestown Monument. It is a very nice ride and give you a good look at Boston. Freedom Trail guided tours are given by private companies for a fee and leave from the Visitor Center Boston Common and free tours given by rangers leave from the visitor center of the city in the National Park Service 14 State Street. And while the Freedom Trail Center sites are certainly interesting the, just across the Charles River from the north end, are also very fresh less visited sites in Charlestown. There is the Charlestown Navy Yard, where from Thursday through Sunday during the winter you can take a free tour led by members of the U.S. Navy USS Constitution, the oldest war ship floating in service in the world built in 1797. Also in the Navy Yard is the USS Cassin Young WWII destroyer one hit twice by kamikazes, while serving in the Pacific in the last years of the war. There are free guided tours of destroyer given daily by park rangers. These two views that many people never check out but are very well made, fun and interesting. Also in Charlestown along the Freedom Trail is the Bunker Hill Monument. Not only can you learn a few things about the Battle of Bunker Hill, which is one of the most important battles in the American Revolution, but can also climb to the top of the monument. It's 294 steps to the top but there is a viewing platform there that will give a great view of Boston Harbor and downtown Boston. And it's free. It is also free Bunker Hill Museum which houses a diaroma explaining the battle on the 3rd floor if you are at all interested in that. Good. . That covers historical stuff. There is much more to do, but staying on the path of freedom will lead to the typical must-see things in Boston. Have a great trip.