Shopping in Boston

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Your guide to shopping in Boston.

Let’s face it, shopping may as well be one of the national pastimes.  At least for the females out there!  It seems every time I turn my back, there is either a new handbag staring me in the face or a new receipt from  the beauty counter staring me in the face.  Of course, Boston offers a lot of shopping opportunities.  They are unique, and of a lot of nostalgia.  The people of Boston earn well, compared to the American per capita income averages, so there is plenty of luxury spending to go on in the B0ston area.

You can read about the various establishments that the city offers, and find anything from the most vintage and authentic to New England shops there are, or find that national department store chain that sells products you can buy online from wherever you reside.  As an online shopping, there is nothing better than just having products automatically sent to my house.  I get the Elite Eye serum automatically delivered to my door step every 30 days, for starters. I can’t live with out that.  But moving on, this is about Boston shopping, and that’s what I aim to educate you on.

Here’s a list of establishments where you can share ample time shopping for whatever it is you please.  Special thanks to V2 electronic cigarette review guru Michael for passing along all of the information on where to buy e-cigarettes in Boston. I had to get my nicotine fix while I shopped, personally, and I refuse to smoke tobacco cigarette products.  So, let me say “Thanks Michael.”

Without further ado, here is a list of places you can shop tip you drop in the fine city of Boston:


The famous Faneuil Hall market is something of a lot of history.  Here you will find a lot of different country-shaping events.  It was a fisherman’s place, and eventually farmers and other merchants started coming to the market to sell their goods as well.


Many people will like to go to the super high priced, ultra luxury stores by the most prestigious designers, and that is exactly what the Wrentham Village outlets offer.

Boston Holiday Party

boston Boston Holiday PartySo, Memorial Day weekend came this year, and we decided to spend it in Boston (why go anywhere, when your home town is perfectly fine?)

We had some friends come in from California, which says a lot.  It’s always nice when people come all the way across country to see you, and to leave the great State of California, which has insane weather and a great amount of things to do as it is, is really a vote of confidence on our friendship .

So my friend, who is a highly successful divorce attorney santa rosa, came out with the family in what we hoped would be a nice, relaxing weekend.

What did we get into?  

Well, a lot of cold beer, that’s for starters. We took in the Red Sox games on TV while we sipped on some really cold Sam Adam’s beers.  Always nice to do that.

We ate a lot of food, and went around to the great University’s that surround Boston.  Boston College is one, and it’s my alma mater so what a great place to set foot and show people around to.  It’s really a nice historical setting when you dig into it, and the campus could not be more rich in tradition.  It’s too bad the Bruins were defeated by the Canadiens, because taking my friends to a hockey game would have been an absolute blast.

Overall, we did a lot of the tourist stuff that people expect to get into when they visit the Greater Boston Area.  But we did a lot of eating.  We ate well, had some serious chowder (or “chowdah” as everyone says up here) and really feasted on a lot of great seafood, freshly caught of course from the area.  It’s a lot different from the seafood they had experienced on the West Coast, and that’s what makes the world so unique.

All in all, it was a relaxing Holiday weekend.  No complaints at all from me, my friend the lawyer, or anyone else we hung out with for that matter.

Until next year, Memorial Day, and thank you VETERANS for your service.

All About Boston

Boston is one of the most storied cities in the USA.  It has so much culture, so much history, and so much to offer.

boston 300x168 All About Boston

The Downtown Boston Skyline.

The people of Boston are big time sports fans, cheering on their Red Sox, Patriots, and Boston Bruins (even since the days of Bobby Orr) like no other fan base.  Oh yes, and let’s not forget the storied Boston Celtic franchise!

Ahh, Beantown.  This blog will be all about the great city of Boston, Massachusetts.  If you’ve ever been to the area, you know the people are what really make Boston.  With an estimated 636,000, Boston is the largest city in the State.

Of course, we have the Boston Marathon, a great event (we’ll get past the 2013 tragedy – #bostonstrong), the Boston Baked Beans, and many other great things that make Boston, Boston.

I’m Tommy K, and I’ll be your personal tour guide and show you everything that makes this city so special.  My site is designed to give you an experience of the great city even if you’ve never been there.  While I can’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy every suggestion I make, well, they are just suggestions and should be considered those and not advice.  Do as you wish, I’m just trying to advertise my great city the best way humanly possible.

Some fun facts that I feel are worthy of a first page mention!

  • We had the first public school and the first subway system in the USA
  • We have one of the highest costs of living
  • We have many of the best Irish bars and are known for having many Irish – American people residing in the City.  Hence, the nickname “Boston Celtics.”
  • St Patricks Day in Boston – should I even go into the debauchery and trouble we cause when that day rolls around each year?

Fenway Park.  The Boston Tea Party.  The Boston Marathon.  We have it all, and I’m going to share it with you, little by little, on this very website.  Enjoy, and please leave comments in the appropriate section so I can continue to serve up stories that you want to hear about.

I do have some advertisers on this site that helped me make this happen.  The brand V2Cigs has been a great support and I have no problem talking about their great products for all their support.  Please, if you happen to be looking for an e-cigarette, use this V2 Cigs Coupon Code and save cash on your purchase.  You can thank me later.


Boston Travel Guide

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